UVA oratory competition where students answer: What is the greatest strength of our American democracy?


Read more about a cooking demonstration that was part of a series of programs to help the University of Virginia build relationships with Indigenous tribes.


The tight matches, high drama, and upsets that came with such a strong lineup of teams made this World Cup special, according to the Karsh Institute's Laurent Dubois, author of Soccer Empire 


Democracy360 is a free, multi-day event that will bring together thought leaders, journalists, policymakers, scholars, activists, artists, and students of all ages to exchange ideas and explore som


A collective of 22 community organizations, individuals, and University departments introduced students in the Pathways Program—run by the Karsh Institute's Equity Center—to opportunities including


FIFA took the Women's World Cup trophy to all 32 nations that qualified, but in Haiti, the tour was deemed too dangerous to organize a public parade or large-scale event, writes the Karsh Institute


Albemarle County, VA, with research assistance from UVA, is seeking to right a 125-year wrong: the unlawful indictment of a Black man who in 1898 had been accused of sexual assault of a white woman


In 1898, a grand jury in Charlottesville indicted a dead man instead of those who murdered him; a motion has been filed to dismiss the indictment.


The CLEAR Lab at UVA’s Karsh Institute found that stricter screening and documentation in the federal Paycheck Protection Program—which distributed loans to small businessses during the COVID-19 pa


“Strategic evasion was systemic,” said Daniel Gingerich, a professor in the UVA Department of Politics who co-directs the Karsh Institute's CLEAR Lab, “but we found that a little bit of screening c


"At its best, architecture unites form and function," said Executive Director Melody Barns; "We’ll have a vibrant space that reflects our mission and supports the collaborative nature of our work.”


We're working to ensure that rapidly evolving digital technologies strengthen, rather than undermine, democracy.